It is finally happening,

Over the lockdown, we used our time to finish a design that we had in mind for a while…

Not being able to see family & friends, especially at the start of spring and summer, it is hard and difficult for the mind & soul.

It is what we need, it is a human need:


More than ever, I think it is time to share, to be together, to be with each other.

And what better objects than serving plates and chopping boards to experience amazing moments all together…

Our designs are simple, clear, original, subtle, refined to be able to complete every style of kitchens, tables and colours.

Evan and I worked two different timbers to create our first collection :


This timber is interesting by its colour’s composition: yellow-brown, brown, dark-red. Working Kwila is fun, creative and visually rich thanks to the different shades that this wood can offer. Kwila, a New Zealand familiarity.

P U R P L E     H E A R T

Attractive by its name already, Purple Heart is a characteristic wood. The timber has a gorgeous original purple colour that is fascinating to work with. Strong and captivating, this wood is completing perfectly the design of our first collection.

Both of these timbers are recycled & repurposed.

All of our work is done by hand.

We finish our boards & serving plates with a food grade mineral oil, natural and food safe.

Evan works with timber, it’s his thing. Builder, carpenter, cabinet maker, working with wood it’s what he does the best. Myself, I love designing and creating. Also, I worked almost 10 years in hospitality.

Combining the experience of our two backgrounds, we designed a collection of boards and plates easy to hold, grab, clean and use everyday.

We are excited and so happy to present to you our brand of chopping boards & serving plates, entirely handmade by us, here, in Titirangi, New Zealand


As a member of Cafoutche Family, you will be able to purchase our first collection 24 hours before everyone else.

Stay tuned…

Lea & Evan