Who are they?

Behind Saba Pasha, there is Mo. Mo is a leather craftsman. He started making handcrafted leather accessories a little over a year ago now. His passion for handcrafted items, and especially leather, is contageous.

He realised soon after making his first leather pieces that this could be his new hobbie, his new passion, his new job. He got more and more interested in leathermaking and never stopped!

Saba Pasha is a reference to his birth country, Egypt. Many memories and strong feelings came up for Mo when he started making his first leather accessories, so the name of this city where he grew up was just the right name for his business: Saba Pasha.

How we met?

I had a pop-up store in Ponsonby Central when I first met Mo. At the time, I was selling only French products, but my motivation from the beginning of Cafoutche was to combine French and New Zealand culture. Then, one day, Mo walked into the shop and started chating with me about leather accessories. We chatted for a looooong time, especially about handcrafted products.

After a few meetings together, and after seeing Mo’s products, learning about him, talking with him about his ideas for the future, we finally did it! The first New Zealand handmade brand at Cafoutche. This was a really important goal for me, and a big step for both of us.

I was probably waiting for the right one, and it was Saba Pasha. It’s now been a few months that this gorgeous brand has been a part of the Cafoutche family, and we are really proud of it.

Come visit the shop and meet Mo – he often hangs out here!