Who are they?

Celine started creating earrings seven years ago, playing around at first, and more seriously as she discovered the artistic community of Belleville, a famous neighbourhood in Paris. It’s in South Korea, while spending the year travelling, that something clicked in Celine’s mind.

Her first collection of modern and colourful jewellery was born, in Seoul. She comes back to France in 2012, and immediately launches Ploom Bijoux, wholeheartedly throwing herself in this new adventure. Since then, Celine has been travelling the world, looking for quality materials such as metal, wood or glass and putting a spin on it to create varied and original pieces in her Parisian workshop.

The refinement of Japanese aesthetics and the Art Deco style are Celine’s main inspiration.

Ploom’s jewellery is lively and colourful, just like the places she travels to around the globe. The earrings are a bridge between France and the rest of the world – an ode of freedom.

How we met?

After my first year creating Cafoutche and importing the first brands (Paul Marius, Art of Soule and La Licorne), I’ve simply decided to carry on. I asked my friends and family to have a look for me at what was going on in France.

They were looking everywhere, street market, small shops, pop-up shops, in Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Paris… I knew exactly what I was looking for.

And, one day, looking again and again online, I found this brand, Ploom Bijoux : colourful, different, elegant, I knew that it was it. I’ve contacted Celine straight away and she was actually so excited to hear that someone from New Zealand was after her creation. When she travelled around the world, she stopped in Aotearoa and felt in love with the land.

We’ve organised a meeting in France.

August, back in France for few weeks, I finally met Celine. Wow ! She is wow ! We’ve discovered eachother in her shop in Belleville. It’s actually a workshop, Celine is working and sharring ideas, spaces and good mood with Kats, a painter, such an artist !

This place breathing colour, imagination, different raw materials, life ! I loved it from the first seconds. She shows me her different models and created some in front of me, it was a gorgeous moment.

Ploom Bijoux is now one of the different brands that we are selling at Cafoutche, handmade jewellery definitely made we love in Paris by Celine.

If you going to Paris, please go meet her and have a look at the beautiful shop in Belleville, she will love to meet you.

75019 PARIS