It’s been 3 year now that I haven’t seen my family and enjoy my country and especially my home town. I miss it a lot as you can imagine…

So, really soon, I am flying home.

If you need anything before I leave, orders are still open until the 18th of May. The website will remain open for the whole break, but anything ordered in this period (June/July) will be deliver to you early August maximum.

I will, obviously, keep you in touch with my French break, with photos and videos on social media, and will try my best to bring you back a product that I am obsess with.

Take care & see you soon xx



Yes, we finally find some timber and collected it. We are delighted to share this with you as we have been looking for timber in Auckland for a while. As you know, the timber that we are using for our chopping boards, butcher blocks and serving plates is recycled timber.

Why recycled timber ? 

It is for us the perfect way to give a second life to an existing piece that has already been used for an other purpose, or to give a first life to any off cut that were never used. Recycling is the way to go in trying to save our planet.

This time, we found some really interesting and different timber, Rimu, Kwila, Oregon Maple, Iroko and some uncertain-surprise pieces for fun whose origin we will have to research.

We are so happy and excited to show you soon our second collection of The_Board_Nz, made by us, here, in Titirangi, New Zealand.