A R E    Y O U    R E A D Y    ?

31 . OCTOBER . 2021

Kia Ora everyone ! It’s been a while ! I know !

From the bottom of my heart, I hope you guys are having a good lockdown and a lot of support from family and friends. Not an easy time for us all, but let’s not forget that we are all together in this thing :) Support, kindness and love xx

So, I’m here to ask you. Are you Ready ?

Are you ready to get out of this lockdown, out of the house, see family and friends, eating outside, share your life finally with your loved ones ? Are you ready as we are ? Because we are SOOOOO READY, you don’t even know !

During this lockdown, I personnlay had a little breakdown (I guess like a few of us…). But thanks to family calls, love and listening, and so much support from everyone and you all, I went back up. And really UP !

Ideas … It’s what I am full of right now.

So we have something that we want to share with you guys. It’s completely new for us at Cafoutche and it’s been so long that we are speaking about it without really doing anything about that. And now, it’s time !

Stay tuned lovely people, because we got what you need, for your life and your Christmas presents …

See you really really soon

Léa & Evan xx

O N L Y   I N   J U N E  !

26 . JUNE . 2021


10% OFF + FREE SHIPPING for you guys available on any leather bags on our website.

Enter at checkout coupon code : NEWCO10 and … ENJOY !!

Contact us if you need any help or have any question, you know it ! Happy to help.

Lots of love to you all xx

The team

I T ‘ S   C E L E B R A T I O N   T I M E !

14 . MAY . 2021

Bonjour & Kia Ora famille!

We are no longer hiring, but we have lots of exciting news to share with you!

Next Thursday, the 20th, we are having our Cafoutche night! We will be celebrating our; new collection, new sink –  to test out soap, new French art and introduce you to our new employee. We have re-stocked all our lovely soaps and  all your favourite scents! We welcome you all to come and test out our new sink to feel and smell how amazing these gorgeous soaps are.

At the event there will be lovely French goodies, such as wine, cheese and our gorgeous new products. You will get an exclusive first look at the new selection. The event starts at 5pm at the shop in Ponsonby Central and you are welcome to come anytime from then with your whānau.

We are SO excited to see you all soon and share our awesome new collection with you.

Little plus: don’t forget about the new car park in Ponsonby Central, easier to see each other :)

Take care

J x

W O R K   W I T H   U S  ?

22 . APRIL . 2021

Hello hello everyone and YES we are hiring !

We are looking for a person to share this crazy adventure with us and become a SALES ASSISTANT at Cafoutche. The candidate have to be motivated, organised and have pretty good social skills.

Smile, happiness and “don’t be shy” are the main words to describe this job and to describe us too!

The work consists of selling our differents products in store (handmade & natural products from France and New Zealand) and provide quality services to our customers. Cafoutche shop is situated in Ponsonby Central and opening hours are 10am to 5pm. We are a team of 2 and we would love to extend this little work team to 3 with YOU.

The position that we are offering is a part-time 20 hours (3 days per week), ideal for students :)

If you are interested by this opportunity to work with us, or if you know someone who could be the best person for this job, please contact us, send us your Cv or even better, come meet us at the shop !

See you soon everyone & take care xx

Léa & Maria

W E   A R E   W A I T I N G

08 . APRIL . 2021

Hey hey everyone,

We hope you are doing amazing all of you,

This post is to let you know what is going on for the moment at Cafoutche.

First we haven’t post anything because our “News” page had a little issue. It looks like everything is fixed and back to normal, so Yeayah !

Also, as you know guys we just ordered some more products from France, but as you know too, the Covid situation back there is a bit complicated. So everything is a bit slower than normal. We are still waiting for our shipment to arrive in New Zealand, seems that is not too too far tho, so let’s be patient :) We will let you as soon as possible when we know more about it.

What else ? 20% OFF ? Yes ! We have our leather bags selection on 20% off. Did you have a look at this ? Go check this out, because these bags will never be back in our stock ever, so grab your collector bag before is too late.

We see you soon at the shop guys or online,

Take care gorgeous xx


N E W   O R D E R   2 0 2 1

02 . FEBRUARY . 2021

We did it !

Our first 2021 order to France is almost on it’s way. We are pretty excited to receive this here in New Zealand. Hopefully it will be here really soon (finger crossed).

However we are all aware about what is happening in France and in the world about this virus, even if sometimes it feels that here in Aotearoa we are not really concerned by the problem… So we know that it will take a bit longer than normal.

We ordered more Paul Marius bags, more Marseille soap, more jewelry, and we also have some new products and new brands in mind, but we will let you know about it pretty soon :)

Take care & see you soon at the shop,

Léa & Maria xx

B O N N E   A N N E E   2 0 2 1

07 . JANUARY . 2021

Here we are ! 2021 …

Already. I just can’t believe it, 2020 went so fast. A lot of covid stories, lockdowns, viruses, masks etc…

I am quite excited to start a new year, it feels like when you going to school on the first day, we start again, all over !

Of course, I guess, like us, everyone hope that this pandemic is going to finish this year and we can be back to “normal” life. The thing that I personnaly miss the most is the fact that we can’t really go to other countries. I am missing France and my family a lot. So let’s hope that we can be travelling soon this year and see our family and friends from overseas.

We are excited to see you in 2021 at Cafoutche. Our shop is still here in Ponsonby Central after all of this crazy 2020 year, and I am so glad for that. Is mainly thanks to your support guys, so an other big thank you to you.

We are currently looking after the new order from France (even if this is still a bit complicated right now because of the covid situation in France), and also the next event that we will do here in the new shop (yes, the shop looks brand new!). Stay in touch guys to know about all the details, is coming really really soon…

Take care beautiful people and enjoy this amazing new year.

Léa & Maria xx

A    L I T T L E    P I E C E    O F    P A R I S

03 . DECEMBER . 2020

Oui oui oui !

Our new earrings selection is finally here in New Zealand. Freshly received from Paris this morning, the amazing work from Celine is just incredible. More design, new inspiration, different style and colour and new products. Yes new products: the first bracelets from Ploom Bijoux are now ready to be part of your summer style.

Come enjoy this gorgeous Parisian selection of earrings and bracelets, online and in store. An absolute pleasure for our eyes…

Take care lovely Xx


N E W   C O L L E C T I O N

18 . NOVEMBER . 2020

Yes everyone, the New Collection from France is finally here in New Zealand. Covid didn’t really help to get this new Cafoutche selection as fast as possible in Aotearoa, but hey, we made it!

We received a lot of new colours, new shapes, new styles, new products. The satchel selection is so great, a lot of choices for work. We also have plenty of cute coulours for our handbag selection. Our new product that we actually so crazy about are the leather belts, simple, class, just perfect.

Also guys, soaps are back in town! New scents available now in store and online. Go check out our cute soap boxes full of softness and hapiness. And don’t forget that we still have to protect ourself against this crazy virus, and Marseille soap is our best weapon.

Have an amazing Christmas shopping with us.

Léa Xx


29 . OCTOBER . 2020

This post is from me to you.

I would like to tell you guys that is incredible to have this much support. The last week, during our event, here in the new shop, I felt a lot of love and support and this feeling is amazing.

It’s been two years now that the company exist and in two years I met a lot of people and all of you guys became a part of Cafoutche.

We are writing this crazy story together, because I definitey can’t do that by myself.

So I just want to say thank you to be here, by my side, giving me advices, coming to say hi to me whenever you are around Ponsonby, letting me know about your day, your life, your family, building this relationship with me and the company.

This is why I’ve created Cafoutche, to create a family.


Léa Xx

I T   H A P P E N S   O N L Y   O N C E

01 . OCTOBER . 2020

As you guys know, at Cafoutche we are not discounted our products.

However, this time…

A few bags are going to leave our range and disappear forever so why not getting them discounted ! For the occasion, we are offering you 15% OFF on our LAST CHANCE selection.

This amazing sale is available online and in store and it’s only for 2 weeks. So don’t wait any longer and get your new French leather bag discounted on us!

Take care of yourself and your family,

Love on you Xx

L & G

W E    A R E    B A C K   !

31 . AUGUST . 2020

So, after being surprised by this Level 3, here we are again !

Georgia and I were back in our lovely shop in Ponsonby Central this morning. We missed it so much and we are actually really happy to be back and being able to see you all.

Our shop will be open on this Level 2.5 Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm and Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

Masks, gloves, QR code and love are available for you in store, we will look after you like always. We do have masks yes, but we recommend to you to come with your own mask if you can.

I want to say thank you to all of you for your support over this second lockdown, every company, especially the small ones need it, so a big THANK YOU to you.

Please guys take care of you and your family.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to.

See you really soon,

Georgia & Léa Xx

W E L C O M E    F R E E    A U G U S T

04 . AUGUST . 2020

Haere Mai to this beautiful month of August.

We decide, because August will be the most annoying month (mainly because of the weather…), to offer you something great. And also, why waiting for an occasion to make yourself or others happy ?

We definitely don’t need a particular occasion for it, so let’s do it. This month, the shipping on all our leather bags is free.

Yep free …

And this is working for all of you guys, either you are in Australia, New Caledonia or New Zealand, the shipping for your leather bag is completely free, and it’s only in August.

Let’s make August great again !

Use the coupon code ” FREEAUGUST ” on any leather bags and get your free shipping :)

Be kind & happy

G & L Xx

T H A N K    Y O U

29 . JULY . 2020

July brought us a lot of good things and hapiness like we predicted it.

First, this party with you all was amazing, such a good moment to share together. We enjoy so much to see you, meet you, discover you with a little champagne flute, was so relax and friendly, we loved it !

Thank you so much to all of you, it means a lot to us.

Our first pre-order live at the shop was interesting and promising for the future. All of you new French bag will be here in few months.


Also, we are still here ! I know it probably sounds weird, but for us it’s a big win. As you all know, the post-corona virus time is quite challenging for small businesses. But we resisted, we are still here in Ponsonby Central and we are definitely staying !

We are thinking about great news for August, especially for you guys who are not living in Auckland and can’t visit the shop. We are working on amazing things for September and we are getting so ready for our new French order, so stay tunned, we have crazy news coming.

Georgia & Léa Xx

M E E T   G E O R G I A

02 . JULY . 2020

This is Georgia and this amazing girl has just joined the Cafoutche family !

It’s been a while that I am thinking about expanding my one person team with someone who wants to care about the company as I do. Someone I could share my ideas and thoughts with, someone curious who wants to know about Cafoutche and be part of it.

Being part of a team is powerful, you are part of a story, you have things to share, to learn, to achieve, to create, to care with someone.

I missed a team work very much. But this is the past, because now we are officially 2 !

I am delighted that Geaorgia is the first employee of Cafoutche. She is young, motivated, kind, funny and full of ideas, I like that. We are both really excited to be working together and making Cafoutche grow.

Come meet Geaorgia every Sunday & Monday at the shop and on our late night too on Thursday 16th of July at 5pm !

Léa Xx

W E L C O M E   A U S T R A L I A   &   N E W   C A L E D O N I A 

18 . JUNE . 2020

I am so excited to tell you this guys: We are finally shipping our lovely products to our neighbours in Australia and New Caledonia !

Geographic extension for the delivery of our French and New Zealand products was obviously part of the plan. And now it’s finally possible.

We’ve met a lot of people from New Caledonia and Australia here at the shop in Ponsonby Central (Auckland. New Zealand), so for us, it was just logic to open our shipping service to these two countries as soon as possible.

New Zealand borders are still close for everyone’s safety, but now Cafoutche can come to you, and this is such a fabulous news. We are shipping everywhere in Australia, everywhere in New Caledonia, and obviously everywhere here, in Aotearoa.

You can find shipping costs and options on our FAQ’s page. Please feel free to contact us for any question or request, we are available for you, and now in Australia and Kanaki too !

Thanks whānau for your support and love, see you soon online and in store.

Be kind my friends

A très vite nos frères et sœurs de Kanaki

Cafoutche team Xx

L E T ‘ S   B E   T O G E T H E R

05 . JUNE . 2020

I thought a lot…

The best way I’ve found to deal with what’s happening right now, is to share with you. I would love to just give some ideas to support, but above all not to ignore.


I think is the most powerful tool that we have. We know, we are aware, so we have to say it, to express it. We have to explain that racism is not welcome in this world. I know it is sad to think that we still have to explain that in 2020. But don’t forget that racists are dumb, and we’re way above that, so we need to explain, we need to show our unity against them and we need to stay strong, all together.

That’s it, this is my solution.

Of course, you can donate, you can sign petition, you can protest or do anything that can help (find links just below) but for me the strongest solution that we have is to fight and never let it down. We have to fight against idiots, we have NOT to accept any kind of racism. Racism is hatred towards someone or a group of people because of their difference.

Difference? Without difference we would not be here, we would not be happy, we would not be unique. Difference is why humanity is so wonderful, is because we are all unique and so, all different, that we are here, that we have history, that we have heritage, that we have each other. Racism is towards colour people, gay people, small people, poor people, religion, woman… And we have to fight, all together against racism!

But the biggest thing that we have to fight for, is JUSTICE!

Justice = End of racism

I am not here to re-make the world or to re-do the law, but I am here to say is not normal. Is not normal to let this carry on. Anywhere by the way, not just in United-States (United? I call this Bullshit, Bullshit-States), but everywhere in the world. Everyday people are dying because of racism and because justice is not respected, because justice is not existing, because justice and police are corrupted. We have to stop that! We have to fight, we have to express what we think, we have to say what’s good for humanity and yelling it at everyone!

If this is new for you, please start by never let some racism or injustice happen in front of your eyes.

It’s how we can change the world, start acting NOW and carry on.



Léa Xx

W E ‘ R E   I N   P O N S O N B Y   C E N T R A L

01 . JUNE . 2020

Voila, we are in June! Finally? Already? Not to sure how I feel about it. The last few months were.. Complicated? Weird? Pandemics? Yes, but now we are in June, and it’s a whole new story.

June is going to bring us safety, love and opportunities!

To be honnest with you, being a small company during these last 2 months was intense. Before the lockdown we were about to open our permanent store in Ponsonby Central, but life decided something else. However, we have faith, motivation and ambition, so I am not letting this down, no way!

We are in Ponsonby Central for the whole month of June as a pop-up shop and we are so excited to see you there.

After this month we will have a better idea about how life, people and retail industry are doing, and if we can finally realise our dream to open a permanent Cafoutche.

I am inviting you to come, visit and discover us and the new brands that we are supporting at Cafoutche in Ponsonby Central (we’re next to the barber).

Supporting New Zealand businesses is really important, and you don’t have to purchase anything, just come say hello!

Stay safe guys and take care of eachother,

Léa Xx