F R E Q U E N T L Y    A S K E D    Q U E S T I O N S


Where are your products from?

All the products we’re offering at Cafoutche are items from France and New Zealand companies. We are honored and proud to help and support both of these countries by reselling handmade and natural products.

How do you choose your products?

I am a customer like you, so our product and brand’s selection are entirely made because we love the design, the material, the way how it’s made… and also because they are respecting our ethic: The natural and handmade way. Have a look at our “Brand” page to know everything about it.

P A Y M E N T   M E T H O D S

What are the different payment options?

Our website is made to be easy. You can pay online through the website with any type of cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX…). You also can pay online and pick up your order in store if you prefer.

How will I know that my payment is completed?

To complete your order, you will have to enter your personal details (name, email, phone number), your shipping details (address) and your payment details (name and card’s number). When your payment will be complete, you will receive on your email address a confirmation of your payment and your order.

S H I P P I N G   &  R E T U R N

Where do you ship to?

We are shipping our products to New Zealand, Australia & New Caledonia.

What is your shipping policy?

We are operating our shipping with the New Zealand courier Aramex. We are organising free shipping within New Zealand for any order over $200 and in Australia and New Caledonia for any order over $300. However, order under $200 will applicate the following shipping costs, depends on weight, sizes and location:

Auckland City New Zealand Australia & New Caledonia
Soap & Jewellery & Soap Boxes $3 $5 $8
Leather Accessories $5 $7 $12
Espadrilles $7 $12 $16
Leather Bags $10 $20 $30

How do I track my parcel?

When your parcel is picked-up by our courier, we are emailing you right away to communicate your shipping details. You will find in this email, your parcel pick-up confirmation, the courier’s website link and your tracking number to follow your order.

Can I return my item?

Of course, you can return your item. We are not leaving you with something that you don’t like! If, for any reason, you are not happy with your product and want to return it to us for an exchange or a refund, these are the different steps you will have to follow:

  • Send us an email at: lea@cafoutche.co.nz with a photo of your product, an explanation of the problem you encountered and the date of the purchase.
  • We will give you an answer to your email as soon as possible and will communicate to you through the return address.
  • The product has to be return by post to our office or store (in a saleable condition).
  • After reception of your item, we will give you a refund or an exchange, depending the prior discussion.


  • Products need to be returned within 30 days for a refund or exchange.
  • A refund will be returned to the same account used to purchase the item.
  • You will be responsible for returning the item at your own cost.


How do I choose my espadrilles?

Whether you are wearing them with or without the heel, you will feel comfortable either way. Little trick to choose the perfect one for you: For your best comfort we reckon you choose your exact size, not to big, not to small. The first time you will put your espadrilles on, it would probably be tight, because of the natural fabric using by ART OF SOULE. This way is highly recommended, because after they will stretch a little. Also, there is no right or left, your espadrilles will take the exact shape or your feet. It is why they are so comfy. If you need any other advice or have any other question about espadrille’s size and how to choose them, feel free to contact us at lea@cafoutche.co.nz, we will be happy to help you.

How do I choose my rings?

The best way is to come in store and try it on. Of course, if you can’t, we have solutions! Edward Parker’s rings that we’re offering at Cafoutche are all unique. You will find the size for each of them online on the product description. However, because they are unique you can actually request your size and even your design, we will try our best to create the perfect ring for you, so don’t wait, contact us now!


What is the best way to contact you?

Any. If you prefer email, phone or come into the shop, every way is the best way. We’re available for you!

Can I get on your email list?

Sure! We’ll even give you a promo code for 10% off on your next purchase with us when you joint st the bottom of the home page.