Who are they?

Edward Parker is a boutique jewellery brand created by my friend Guy, a New Zealand-based artist. His sterling silver rings are all unique handmade pieces – each with a vibe, a story, something special. Edward Parker’s rustic, black-and-white style is complemented by a focus on organic shapes and textures.

Originally from Nelson, Guy now lives in Auckland and uses his art as a way to explore different experiences and places, and this has led to a pretty unique style. His work is very inspiring.

Edward Parker is the new jewellery brand of this versatile New Zealand artist.

How we met?

Guy and I are really close friends. When I arrived in New Zealand, I met Guy. He was actually one of the first people I met here – and my first flatmate, too!

I was always impressed by his drawing skills and ability to translate what he has in his mind to a piece of paper, and to draw it so well! He definitely has “that drawing thing” some people have.

About a year ago, Guy told me that he was about to release his new brand of handmade silver rings. I hadn’t seen any of his jewellery, but I already knew it would be good. And I saw it, and yes, I was right. He showed me his rings – all unique, with wonderful designs in keeping with his own style.

These beautiful, unique, handcrafted silver rings from New Zealand are now available for you at Cafoutche, and we’re really proud of it.