Who are they?

Tropical Nature is a New Zealand company composed by a few people completely in love with plants. The goal for this organisation is to rescue indoor plants and give them all the love they need. Tropical Nature has an unconditional passion for plants. They cultivate extraordinary rare plants, pamper them and transform them as gorgeous indoor companions.

Based in Auckland city, this company is accessible and keep their prices really attractive for all of us. Small Begonia, big Bird of Paradise, funny Philodendron Xanadu, the range is pretty big and really different weeks after weeks.

Tropical Nature is also painting terracotta pot. Each pot is for sale, they are entirely hand painted by the company with waterproof special paint, for the comfort of your plant and the safety of your indoor furniture.

How we met?

Almost a year ago now, I’ve met the people from Tropical Nature during a market. We got along straight away. In love with greens myself, we never stop speaking about plants and we actually thought about collaborating all together.

It’s been now few months that we are selling Tropical Nature indoor plants here at Cafoutche. It is a pleasure to have a jungle shop thanks to their products.

We are getting new plants every week on Monday, so stay tuned to find your mate :)