Who are they?

Based in Arcachon, France, the artistic development of “Aimère” alias Maryse Ribette, painter for 20 years, led her to a very expressive acrylic painting on a background of collages. In transparency, the imprinted hues of blue mingle with the messages chosen with great malice; the lights enhanced with a knife end up illuminating the whole painting …

Her creations, portraits or scenes of life transcribe a positive and relaxing energy, a Zen atmosphere, an emotion, a happiness …

Every single Aimere creation are unique and original artwork certified not reproduced, no copy available, only originals.

How we met ?

Actually, Maryse is my aunt ! So we know each other since ever (for me). In the family we are quite artistic. Myself, my grandma, few of my aunt and cousin. It’s a family thing :)

Maryse is someone really nice and caring. You can see her delicacy in her art work, and I hope one day you could meet her in New Zealand for real, at an expo or a bar for a glass of wine because she is like a piece of sun and hapiness on Earth and her kindness is contagious xx