A Cultural Story
Cafoutche (c.n), masc. [Ka,futsh] :

From the Occitan language " cafoucho ". Cafoutche is synonym of hut. In Marseille it designates a small closet where you can put everything and anything. It can refer to the cellar, as well as a small enclosed room or storage room.

Cafoutche is a young New Zealand company.
The idea here is simple : We want to bring to Aotearoa a little piece of France.

Products that we are proposing to you are entirely natural and handmade. Our goal is to perpetuate the culture. We think it is really important to highlight the know-how and quality of our motherland.

Also, we love to share.

Being in New Zealand since few years, we are feeling home here thanks to the amazing people that live in this land who had welcome us and still doing it with love. We would like to share with you a piece of our country’s riches to thank you. Felling home here, we want you to feel the same way in France with the little piece of France that we have created: CAFOUTCHE.

  • Leather bags
  • Espadrilles
  • Natural soaps
  • Leather accessories
  • Handmade furniture (coming soon)
  • Jewellery
  • Leather bags
  • Espadrilles
  • Recycle furniture
  • Natural Soaps
  • Handmade furniture
  • Jewellery
A Little Word

I am Léa.

Born in Marseille in the south of France in the 90’s, I pretty much live all my life in this summer city. After studying Communication and Marketing, I realised quickly that I will need to speak English at some point to deal with the world. Just after my graduation I decided to leave, far, by myself.

For a Frenchie, what is further than New-Zealand? Nothing.

So hey, Aotearoa became my destination.

After traveling, eating, speaking, partying with kiwis, I felt in love with this beautiful country but also with a beautiful kiwi guy. Now I am stuck here (and I love it!) I stayed and it is now more than five years that I am living in New Zealand.

I decided to create Cafoutche in 2018. It was for me the best way to present my country to the people that I love to live with, you guys! Cafoutche bring out of me my creativity and motivation. My team and I are looking every day for new products, new brands that respect our ethic. Cafoutche is not about me, it’s about us ! Feel free to email me your requests, demands, reviews and other.

Welcome to the team !

Our Customers

Transparency is the main word, we have nothing to hide.
We are proposing goods from France and New Zealand made by companies we trust. Everything you want to know, just ask us. We will be more than happy to give you an answer as soon as possible.

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